Where’s My Car?

My time.

My money.

My confidence.

My dignity.

That said, I am pleased to report that I have never had anyone steal my car.

(I don’t actually own a car, to be fair. But I think this dude has also stolen wallets and jewelry and such. I have walked away from many an online date minus my unflagging optimism, but at least my damn wallet has remained intact.)

Thomas James Newman: shame on you for using your preternaturally square jawline to lure unsuspecting women into your web of treachery! You will never be anyone’s boyfriend. And I bet you’ve made your mom very, very sad.

(Thanks to Sarah for the news tip!)


Here Is The Way To Get Playstation

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Waiting For Next Version of PS4

Patience is important and we love that see or being exhibited by any number of people but well, that is an unfortunate thing that people would not like to have or possess as some quality. The gaming industry in the world is hugely growing and you will have no right to say something like same old same old.  Just relax, after the black friday ps4 wave is over, people will be tired and sickened to use the same stuff. Come on, apply the diminishing returns theory here in the practical world. Be it your diamond watch or anything, every merchandise is going to be a boring one in the end and you will decide to ditch it sooner or later.

What is important to consider here from us is that , it has been some long time for PS4 being in the market and now, in some period of time, we will be able to see some hints coming out of the company, Sony, which will say that it is planning on introducing PlayStation 5. It is possible to have in the middle of the next year. But hang on, there are no rumors in this console matter yet, but it is just that we want to stress the importance of waiting for some more period of time and just go to buy the best and most recent in the market. PS4 is an old thing now. You have heard a lot of it, and probably have played or used it at someone’s place or anything like that. The hype seems to be over now and party is going to end. If you want to have the best one, and have some patience, why not wait for the next version of PlayStation, huh? It is some example that you can apply while shopping during any event such as Black Friday 2014.


Unlimited Email Addresses For Your Blog

yourname@somecompany.com is something from that of your name being associated with some Gmail or Hotmail account, right?  We deem that is true and no more explanation is necessary. If you are a blogger or like to own a site, that dream has come true indeed without any second thoughts. After you have responded to how to start your own blog, you will be not done until and unless some things like this one, you know to create an email address for yourself related to your blog. Do not let it go in vain. Actually, it is all free and it is always a great way to market yourself in the market and do not consider that you will be charged to have an addition email address related to the website of yours. That is not true as long as you have enough space on the web hosting where your current website is housed.

                There is an opportunity to create a lot of emails and it depends on you if you want to have them at first place. At the start always, go for email addresses for all those who work in your team and later you can think of giving away for free to some other related people who can use it for day to day activities. It is a good thing as it builds some identity of you in the world of people. But the more you use the email, the more you are likely to ask for some extra room in the future.  Do not just use the work email for personal purpose or heavily, as the server space given to you is limited and you cannot actually think of allotting some couple of GB storage facility. But depending upon many factors, you can still create unlimited email address associated with your blog.


Personal Website Creation

We would like to notify the people of this world that this blog post is going to be on how to build your own website for those who are passionate. We rule out the possibility that those people who have money and think that they can buy some website all readymade; this article is not for them quite clearly. Yea, we do know that gone are the days when a person or a bunch of tech wizards used to sit together and code the algorithm for a website and so on. But still, anybody with some passion for web programming can emulate the success of the past without any second thoughts and it is all about gut and passion to perform. How to build your own website is a crazy question and not to forget everybody now wants to say good riddance to the long process of coding and more but still the satisfaction matters. All those people who are in love with these matters should be able to understand the importance of building one site all by you.

                The steps to be followed remain the same, you know old-school? To be totally honest with you, we have not come across any person who has coded their website all on their own and made it look like a hi-fi and this one of the reasons why programmers are on the verge of extinct in this field. We mean, not many people are boosted to create their websites. Instead of that, they love to take the short cut which says that you have to pay some service fees and get the whole damn thing a matter of days or so. Sorry, we just got carried away but wanted to let you know that if you want to become the next Mark Zuckerberg, you better create your own website first, from the scratch.